Monday, September 11, 2023

PUZZLE #456: Honeycomb 5


Each six-letter word is to be entered clockwise or counterclockwise around the correspondingly numbered black cell, though the direction and starting point of each answer is for you to determine.

Once the grid has been filled out, the colored hexagons, when read either clockwise or counterclockwise (but not both at once), will spell out the FINAL ANSWER: a 6-letter word

1) Real last name of Dr. Seuss
2) Lost love lamented in Poe's "The Raven"
3) Heavily edit a manuscript, say
4) Talk aimlessly or walk aimlessly
5) Writing utensil that may be filled with glittery ink: 2 wds.
6) "_____ Bell Rock" (1950s Christmas song)
7) Yanked abruptly
8) Lower the lights
9) _____ Tussauds (wax museum in many cities)
10) Very small dress size
11) The answer to clue #27, but tripled
12) Brought bad luck to
13) Drop Dead Gorgeous actress Richards
14) Goldfish with legs from The Amazing World of Gumball (HINT: He's most likely named after evolutionist Charles)
15) Curie and Osmond, for two
16) Bold font used in many Grumpy Cat memes (or a synonym for "collision")
17) In a _____ manner (punctually)
18) Canadian wildcats with tufted ears
19) Applies force
20) Like paths in a maze
21) Video game attorney Phoenix or real life aviator Orville
22) Pay no attention to
23) Not subject to a certain law
24) Blocky dots
25) 3D solid with no edges
26) _____ of Versailles (pact signed at the end of World War I)
27) Number of days in September
28) Unseen from someone acting as a seeker, perhaps
29) Albuquerque, New _____
30) Alternate name for "zero"
31) Nuke in the microwave again
32) Like a body described in Issac Newton's first law: 2 wds.
33) "What gets wetter the more it dries?", for one (For the record, the answer is "a towel")
34) Metal used for the Statue of Liberty's skin
35) Arnold Schwarzenegger movie where he works with the Witness Protection Program (or a pencil part)
36) Eyeball or muscle pain caused by overuse
37) Gretel's brother

Once you believe you've figured out the FINAL ANSWER, send it to either or (though I'm more likely to check the second one) and I'll put your name on a solvers list once I post the answers in about two weeks. You can also use those email addresses to give me some comments and feedback (or even ask for a hint, though you'll be marked as having used one if you do so) or send me the answer to last week's puzzle, if you haven't already figured it out. If you have a printer and want to solve this puzzle on paper, just head below the break for a link to a .PDF version which you can print out!

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