Monday, September 14, 2020

PUZZLE #300: Meta-Crossword 7: "He Wears Many Hats"


It's my 300th puzzle!! And to celebrate, I decided to create a meta-crossword, which I haven't done since..... well, my last milestone puzzle! As you may already know, meta-crosswords are like normal crosswords, except they have a Bonus Puzzle for you to solve once you fill out the grid. I won't tell you how to get the Bonus Puzzle's FINAL ANSWER, as the techniques in getting them vary with each meta-crossword, so you pretty much have to figure it out yourself.

The FINAL ANSWER to the Bonus Puzzle is someone with a well-known piece of headwear.

If, for whatever reason, the embedded interactive crossword isn't showing up above, you can go to the link at and solve it there. Anyway, once you believe you've figured out the FINAL ANSWER, send it to either or (though I'm more likely to check the second one) and I'll put your name on a solvers list once I post the answers in about two weeks. You can also use those email addresses to give me some comments and feedback (or get a hint from me in exchange for a "hint star"; more details for that are on the sidebar to the right) or send me the answer to last week's puzzle, if you haven't already figured it out. If you have a printer and want to solve this puzzle on paper, just head below the break for a link to a .PDF version which you can download and print out!

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