Sunday, October 25, 2015

ANSWERS: Anagram Magic Square

It's been thirteen days since I've posted my first "Anagram Magic Square" puzzle, so now it's time for me to reveal the answers! Before I do so, however, here are the list of people who have successfully solved this puzzle within that time frame:
  • Eric Maddy ****
  • Grant Fikes ****
  • YYW ****
  • Adam Weaver ****
  • Lynn Sweeney ****
  • Sam Levitin ****
  • Mom ****
  • Debbie Underwood ****
  • Tyler Hinman ****
  • My sister Alex ***½ (the half star is for clarifying how to get the FINAL ANSWER)
Now just head below the break for the answers, along with a couple solver comments and even a music video!

The first letters of each clue, in the order of the clues' numbers, spell DRINK FROM ME AND LIVE FOREVER, which is a quote from the 1994 movie INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE (At least one solver said Interview with A Vampire, but since it's an easy mistake to make, I've decided to give them full credit anyways)

Solver Grant Fikes "Do[es]n't recognize the quote, so let's look it up like uncool people who don't know anything about pop culture (except Mario)! *type type type* Interview with the Vampire. Okay.

Rearranging letters isn't all that spooky. Now if you'd made letters appear out of nowhere while rearranging them, that would have frightened me." [Like in his two "Adding and Anagramming" variants]

Solver Adam Weaver said "to be honest I didn't use the magic square at all"

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