Monday, March 28, 2016

PUZZLE #69: Coined Phrases


This next puzzle is inspired by coins, which is appropriate for my 69th puzzle since you flip a coin and 6 is 9 flipped upside down! (Okay, fine, there's no connection between the number 69 and today's puzzle; I was just stretching to try and make one) This one's a tad tricky to explain, so I hope the directions are clear enough!

There is a set of five coins, all of which have one letter on each of their two faces. Each letter appears only once throughout the set, and no two coins share the same letter. Random flips of all the coins have produced six 5-letters words hinted at by the numbered clues. Once all six answers have been solved, use logic and deductive reasoning to figure out the letters that are printed on each coin. Finally, rearrange the coins so that both sides spell out two more 5-letter words that combine to make a two-word phrase.

Highlight the space between the brackets for an extremely helpful example: [if two resulting words are MAGIC and MANIC, then the letters "G" and "N" have to be on the same coin, since "N" can't possibly be paired up with any of the other letters]

This week's FINAL ANSWER is a location.

1) Mint chocolate brand
2) Ed who played Santa Claus in Elf and Regular Show
3) Feathered member of the Furious Five from Kung Fu Panda
4) Dings on a Dodge
5) Right-hand page (Hidden in SUBDIRECTORIES)
6) Seacrest and Stiles

Once you think you know what the FINAL ANSWER is, send it to either or (though I'm more likely to check the second one) and I'll put your name on a solvers list once I post the answers in about two weeks. You can also use those email addresses to give me some comments and feedback (or get a hint from me in exchange for a "hint star", more details for that are on the sidebar to the right) or send me the answer to last week's puzzle, if you haven't already figured it out. If you have a printer and want to solve this puzzle on paper, just head below the break for a version you can print out!

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