Sunday, June 11, 2017

ANSWERS: Flower Power 3

It's been thirteen days since I've posted "Flower Power 3", and just like last week, not a whole lot of you have solved it. Take a look:
  • Grant Fikes ****
  • Eric Maddy ****
  • Mom ****
  • Debbie Benford ****
  • Sam Levitin ****
  • Lynn Sweeney ****
Fortunately for me, my latest puzzle is at seven solvers right now, so at least we're back to the current average number of solvers. Anyways, enough about me worrying about numbers of solvers, head past the break below for the answers and a solver's comment!

The tips of petals #2-18, highlighted above in gold, spell out SUMMERTIME SADNESS, a Lana Del Rey song that was remixed by Cedric Gervais into a top-ten hit in 2013.

"It's not even summer! Why does the DJ keep on playing 'Summertime Sadness'?" - Surprisingly insightful ditz from "#SELFIE" by The Chainsmokers

Patron Grant Fikes said that "I much prefer Alan Jackson's cover of 'Summertime Blues'"

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