Sunday, February 1, 2015

ANSWERS: Flower Power

I'll freely admit that making my first Flower Power puzzle was pretty difficult and time consuming, and unless you did the easier version from last week, it turned out that solving it also wasn't easy. Despite that, however, I've still managed to get a decent amount of solvers for it, which you can see below in the order that they've completed it:
  • Grant Fikes **
  • Eric Maddy **
  • Adam Weaver **
  • Yossi Fendel **
  • Mom *
  • Sam & Jonathan *
Now just click "read more" for the answers! You'll also find some comments from Grant Fikes, the man whose "Cleverly-Titled Puzzle Blog" inspired me to make this blog!

As you can see, the tips of the petals, reading clockwise, spell out PALUTENA'S FIRST GAME, and the answer to that clue is the NES title KID ICARUS

"You shall be purified!"

Solver Grant Fikes had these to say regarding some of my clues:
"5-clockwise [TREES]: You didn't use this [Rush] song (covered brilliantly here [by Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine])? I'm sad.
14-clockwise [TABLE]: There is no "periodical" table that I know of. [Sorry for that oversight. I've since corrected it to just "periodic" in all of the formats except the printable version of the original puzzle]
15-counterclockwise [GAME C]: If you're going to mess up, mess up in style! :)"