Monday, February 9, 2015

PUZZLE #10: Meta-Crossword #2 (Guys Like You)


I'll admit that my first attempt at a meta-crossword's metapuzzle was less of a "puzzle" and more of a "list of episodes". However, for my milestone tenth puzzle, I've made another one of these puzzles that has by far gotten me the most hits (Matt Gaffney linking to my blog certainly helped with that), and while it's smaller than the standard 15x15, I think the metapuzzle for this one is much better than the last one. In case you've never solved one of these, it's like a regular crossword, except that there's a BONUS PUZZLE for you to solve once you fill it out.

The answer to this week's BONUS PUZZLE is a song from a one-hit wonder.

Once you've figured out the answer to the BONUS PUZZLE, send it to either or and I'll give you credit for solving it about two weeks from now. You can also use those email addresses to give me feedback on my puzzle or send me the FINAL ANSWER to last week's puzzle (which you can solve either here or here). If you don't have Java and want a version of this puzzle you can print out, click on "read more" for just that!

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