Monday, December 8, 2014

Puzzle #1: Pent Words

Greetings, and welcome to the inaugural edition of Redhead64's Obscure Puzzle Blog!

Every week on Monday, I post a puzzle of some sort, and you try to figure out its FINAL ANSWER (Yes, it's supposed to be in all caps; don't ask why). Once you do, you can email me at either or (I usually check the first one, though) and tell me what you think the FINAL ANSWER is; if you're right, you get bragging rights and your name/username (make sure you specify which one) posted on my blog once I publish the answers roughly two weeks from now. If you're stuck, an easier version will appear after one week, and the same rules for solving it will apply there.

So now that we've established the ground rules, let's start this off with a puzzle whose format was created by Grant Fikes, the man who inspired me to make this blog to begin with! (It's not the first time I've used this puzzle format; Grant published my first attempt at one here, and you can find the answer sheet for that here)


For this puzzle, you must divide the grid into pentominoes (they’re kinda like Tetris pieces, except they’re areas made up of five squares each) and put a letter in each cell. The rows, reading from left to right, will contain the words hinted at by the ACROSS clues. The letters in the pentominoes, reading left to right beginning with the top row, will form the words hinted at by the PENTOMINOES clues; these clues are presented in no particular order. (In the example above, the rows spell out CHINS, PARTY, and ANKLE, and the pentominoes spell out the words CHINA, STYLE, and PRANK.) Use the across answers to figure out where the pentominoes go.

ACROSS (two answers per row)
1) Innovative music video director Gondry  /  Dalai _____
2) One of the Three Musketeers  /  Fiery feline from the Sonic series
3) Smart or self-aware  /  Lion’s lair
4) Trace of color  /  Grammy-winning Tool song
5) Cookie & Cream publisher  /  _____ Kola (Peruvian soda)
6) Hold your horses here  /  Far from beautiful
7) Sea anemone, e.g.  /  A little bit of monkey business
8) Eye protector or eye irritant  /  Mid-90s Schwarzenegger movie
9) Pointer finger  /  “Bittersweet Symphony” band, with “The”
10) NintendoLand guide  /  Nadirs

* _____ Twin (”Come to Daddy” musician)
* Contaminate, like water
* Tom from the Satellite of Love
* Like a reptile’s skin
* “All the world’s a _____...”
* Incubus or succubus
* “_____ Information” (All That sketch)
* Sam, Clover, and Alex are Totally these!
* Heroes character with technopathy
* Silent film actress Bow
* Wheel of Fortune category
* Lowers in temperature
* Jeans material
* Loosen laces
* Flabbergast
* Versatile voice actor Mel
* Former name of an M&M’s variety
* Common greeting

If you want a copy to print out, just go below the break and click on the picture there. Then right-click it (or something similar) and hit "Print".

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