Monday, December 22, 2014

Puzzle #3: Double Chain Reaction


If the Final Answer to the first Pent Words and several of the clues from last week's meta-crossword didn't tip you off, I'm a big game show fan. With that in mind, this week's puzzle is inspired by my favorite word-based GSN original based off of an '80s show created by Bob Stewart: Chain Reaction! To play, all you need to do is complete a chain of words made up of two-word phrases or compound words. For example, the introduction to GSN's version has a chain of WORD - GAME - BALL - ROOM - KEY - CHAIN - REACTION.

Below is a pair of word chains made up of six two-word phrases each. I'll give out clues that lead to each two-word phrase, but to make things harder, all the clues for both chains are mixed up together and are in no particular order. Also, for this particular puzzle, I've mostly hidden the final word of each chain, and to make the FINAL ANSWER even harder to figure out, I won't be giving out the clues for either phrase that start out each chain! This week's FINAL ANSWER is a 5-letter word that begins both chains. 

  • A founding member of KISS
  • Another founding member of KISS
  • Home of Knuckles the Echidna
  • Russian nesting toy
  • Yokel
  • Hockey's biggest prize
  • 1994 single from Hole
  • Mindfreak magician
  • Jamaica or Japan
  • William Orrell holds multiple records in this sport
Once you think you know what the FINAL ANSWER is (or you just need help and don't want to look up the answers), send me an e-mail at either or, and you can also use those e-mail addresses to send the solutions to last week's puzzle, which you can visit here (if you want a hint for that puzzle's FINAL ANSWER, click here). If you want a version of this week's puzzle you can print out, head below the break for just that!

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